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The one big thing that I have learned about myself over the last few days is just how passive I’ve become. I am not just talking about the specific happenings in the United States but about everything.
I have a platform, I have influence (however small) and I need to use it. What’s the point if I don’t speak out on the issues that matter to me? I have gone pretty quiet on my social media and that’s not okay.

Yes, I need to educate myself on racial matters but I also need to speak about other things. I initially began my blog/social media to educate others about living with chronic illnesses. I haven’t spoken about that in a long time. I share my story but that’s it. I can do more.
On my Youtube, I like making “trash talk” videos or, empties, because I like using things up, I don’t like waste, and I try to be nature conscious. I don’t talk about it but I should.

I need to. I can. I should do better.

I don’t know what form this will take yet. Maybe I start with being more vocal and posting more. Maybe I start making nail art videos for IG where I show arthritis-friendly techniques. Maybe I start publicly breaking down my privilege? I don’t know yet.

But, I know that I need to change and speak up.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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