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I love water-marbling because each nail comes out differently!

Okay…that is probably because I still do not have the technique down but I still love the finished product!

Gradient Nails

I started with two coats of China Glaze “White on White”.

Thumb: Orly “Bonder”Color Club “Mrs. Robinson” and “Pucci-licious”.

Index: Orly  “Bonder”, Color Club “Mrs. Robinson”, “Warhol” and “Poptastic”.

Middle: Orly “Bonder”, Color Club “Warhol”, “Poptastic” and “Wham! Pow!”

Ring: Orly “Bonder”, Color Club “Poptastic”, “Wham! Pow!” and “Almost Famous”.

Pinky: Orly “Bonder”Color Club “Wham! Pow!” and “Almost Famous”.

I finished with one coat of INM “Northern Lights”.


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