I  keep a litter box downstairs, in my bathroom, because sometimes Sunsilk is too lazy to go upstairs and will pee on the rug. Yeah, I know, she is a total brat but what can I do when she acts out?

She started following me into the bathroom and using the litter box at the same time as I did.

I thought this was one of Sunsilk’s strange quirks, however, according to the above link, this is relatively normal. My speculation is it has something to with herd mentality and safety in numbers.

With that said, I have never ever seen or even heard of the following!


About a month ago, Affie followed Sunsilk and me into the bathroom. Sunsilk was urinating in the litter box (thankfully!) and Affie tried to crawl in with her.

Words cannot even explain what Affie did. I do not think she was trying to push her out, I think she wanted to be close to Sunsilk. Sunsilk was not too pleased. Since she was peeing she really could not do much but she definitely gave Affie the “WTF are you doing?!”

This was probably the strangest thing I have ever seen my pets do. I mean, of all the things, a dog crawling in with a cat into the litter box. I just do not know. I…I mean…what?

I knew they were close but I never thought they were THAT close!


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