Sunsilk was at the youngest age of all our adoptions. She came to us at 2 months old from the pound. I still remember the first time we saw her she had a cold and was sleepy so she seemed cute and lazy.


This kitten drove us CRAZY. She got into everything, got her claws into everything and got stuck in everything else.

Our worst fear was one day she would get stuck behind the washer or dryer. (Ridiculous I know, but Marmalade got stuck under the REFRIGERATOR once…)

…This makes it seem like we don’t keep tabs on our pets, but I swear we do!


Anyways, the first Christmas holidays we had Sunsilk we put up our tree as usual. We used a fake tree because of the pets, pine-infused water is toxic to cats and dogs.

One evening I was looking for Sunsilk. I checked in any possible place she might be and I could not find her! I started freaking out and yelling for my dad. We ran outside, checked the patio, came back inside, checked the closets, even opened all the drawers and cabinets JUST IN CASE. And yes, we did check the fridge.

We were traumatized. Sunsilk was a VERY SMALL cat. She was so tiny she fit in the toes of our shoes, which we did overturn JUST IN CASE. I checked under my trundle bed (one of her favorite rest spots was the open space when the bed was pulled out). In fact, once I was trying to push it in and could not figure out why it wasn’t closing properly…when I opened it to see if something had gotten caught…it was Sunsilk!



My father and I were at our wit’s end…what were we going to do?? When all of a sudden we heard the Christmas tree rustling.

The Christmas tree? An inanimate object moving? What?

We checked every wrung of the tree and saw our darling curled up on the branches.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.