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Wow, time really flies doesn’t it? I was dealing with pretty bad depression this week and found it difficult to stay motivated. I am glad I am on the blog again, I know how hard it can be to re-start something as more time passes.

What better way to perk myself up then some sugar-spun?! Since I wanted to try something new, I tried to gradient the sugar-spun. As in, mix the two colors together on the plate and tie-dye while I strung across.

It is H-A-R-D, hard. While possible it takes a lot of patience because the colors mix so quickly.

I did get a few spots with the strings but I manipulated the toothpick over thicker spots to create the look. As you can tell, the parts I tried to mix came out more orange than tie-dye.

It is a lot easier to achieve the tye-dye look if I spin one color over the other before it dries.


ImageI used 3 coats of Sephora by OPI Go My Own Way as my base.

I sugar-spun with Sinful Colors Chick Chick and China Glaze Fuchsia.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.