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It says a lot about a product if I use it up. I am a total flake when it comes to skincare and beauty, so when I stick with a product it means I must like it!

I always try to finish items because I spend my hard earned money on it, but if I really dislike something I will return it. No use keeping it around, right?

This post contains the beauty-related empties accumulated since the beginning of 2014. The next post will contain the non-beauty items. I hoarded way too many things to fit in one post!!



(retail: USD $45.00 for 6.8fl oz) –> http://www.chanel.com or most department stores

I will not go into a lot detail because I featured this toner in my February Favorites (full review linked here)!

The toner is clear and the scent is more refreshing than floral. It leaves a light residue so I think it may be to heavy for more humid months.

I think the “anti-pollutant” claim is gimmick-y but my skin feels smoother, more moisturized and dare I say, more balanced! I mentioned this before but this is such a huge deal for me I will say it again: I have not broken out since starting this product!!! Not one blemish. This is highly abnormal for me!

It is fair to say I am usually very impressed with Chanel products. If I feel like the splurge, I will probably try the Soothing or Mattifying Toner next.


Re-purchase? Yes but not for spring/summer.



(USD $21.95 for 4.2oz) –> http://www.lushusa.com

This scrub contains avocado and coconut to hydrate skin, lime and vodka to even skin tone and sea salt to remove dead skin. The product comes separated in the tub so I had to mix it myself. (Quality of freshness is very truly a gimmick) The salt fills the tub to the brim and falls everywhere when mixing. Once mixed, the scrub turns a bright blue color.

The smell: It is strong. Everyone says it smells like margaritas and it does. The scent is so loud it gives me a headache, within minutes. The smell is so over-powering it outweighs the pros. I had to force myself to finish this product. I can no longer smell an actual margarita without feeling sick. (And it is one of my favorite drinks!).

Furthermore, this exfoliator is VERY abrasive. I only use a dime size amount (if that) and tons of water so it does not scrape away all my skin. Even with that, my skin feels raw after use.


Give my skin a couple of healing days and it feels smoother and more even-toned. My minor hyper pigmentation heals well after using this.

However, I do not recommend this product. There are so many more scrubs that are fragrance-free, gentler and just as effective…and already come prepared!


Re-purchase? No.

Speaking of LUSH…


(USD $29.95 for 8.4oz) –> http://www.lushusa.com

Everyone sings the praises of this conditioner:

“It hydrates dry, thirsty hair.”

“It smells like a fruit cup.”

“It is a great treatment.”

The formula is watery and does not sink in well. It drips down my neck and leaves greasy residue. It smells like melon, a plus but not the only thing I look for in a beauty product.

Maybe it is just not suited for my really thick, curly hair but this product did nothing for me. Sure, it leaves my hair de-tangled (any conditioner will do that) but it certainly does not hydrate or smooth it. I have to add more coconut oil in order to moisturize my hair. Retread is marketed as a deep conditioner for when “your hair is absolutely wrecked”. It does not make my hair any more manageable than it already is. It certainly does not save it on those dry, damaged days.

I am extremely disappointed with this product because I expected more from it. I have great results with the solid Jungle and it is more effective as a conditioner.


Re-purchase? No.


Gold Bond Ultimate Healing with Aloe Skin Therapy Lotion

(USD $10.99 for 14 oz.) –> found at most drugstores

 This lotion keeps my skin hydrated, even-toned and bright. Any scratches or redness I have heal quickly and do not scar.

At first I was put off  by the thickness of this body product. It is very difficult to rub into the skin. I look past this because of how well it works. Initially, I thought it would not sink in because of it’s consistency but I found it absorbs quickly and does not leave any residue! When I use this during colder months I do not have to moisturize more than once a day (given the lousy winters, this is pretty impressive).

I re-purchased after trying other lotions because this was the best at moisturizing my skin. It is definitely way to heavy for warmer weather.


Re-purchase? Not until next winter.


The Body Shop Moringa Body Butter

(USD $20.00 for 6.75oz.) –> http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com

Everyone raves about the Body Butters. If there is one thing from the Body Shop I should try, it is the body butter. I did. A long time ago. It was not right for me. The general consensus agrees these lotions absorb quickly and leave a subtle sheen that looks gorgeous on the limbs. I tried Body Shop products over 10 years ago, so I decided to give them another chance.

I changed my mind. I like this product. Maybe the formula changed, I know my skin did. While I am able to tolerate this product better, it is still greasy and does not absorb well so I have to wait a couple of minutes before dressing. When I wear shorts, this body butter leaves my skin looking extra dewy.

Can you tell I am sensitive to fragrance yet? Many of the scents are too fake and strong. The Moringa line, however, is light and floral. Whether it smells like true Moringa flower, I do not know, but I do like it.

I decided to give try this as a dry shaving cream. It works! I shave and moisturize all in one go. It clogs razors quickly and does not provide a close shave but it is fantastic in a pinch.

DSCF7921_fotorRe-purchase? Yes.


Chantecaille Flower Harmonizing Cream

(USD $102.00 for 1.7oz) –> http://www.chantecaille.com or select Nordstroms

I received a sample at a Nordstroms counter and it sat in my untrieds for over a year. I finally tested it and the sample lasted three days.

This face product is great. It is light, fluffy, absorbs quickly and applies smoothly. It keeps my skin hydrated through the night which is a difficult feat since I am tosser & turner! The light floral scent does not linger on my pillow, always a plus for me!

While I found it hydrating during the trial, I wonder if it is too light for winter? It would be great during Spring and Summer!


Purchase? Yes but I am still on the fence because of the price tag. I may stick to my Nivea Soft.


The Body Shop Almond Nail & Cuticle Oil

(USD $12.00 for 0.06oz) –> http://www.thebodyshop-usa.com

The only other Body Shop fragrance I can stand comes from the Almond line. It does not smell like almonds but it is light enough that it is not offensive to me. I bought this product on a whim because I was looking for a moisture supplement for my cuticles. I liked the brush and the product twist up so I thought it would not be less messy.

This is a great product. It is thick and stays on my fingers even through typing and paining nails. It takes forever to sink in though since it is the consistency of petroleum jelly so I use it when I am Netflix chilling. I cannot use it before bed because it just rubs off. While it is very travel-friendly it is way to thick and greasy just to whip out and use.

Regarding the twist-up application, one full rotation expresses  a wastage of product. One twist leaves me with enough product for four hands. Maybe that is why it only lasted me three weeks which me only using it every 2 or 3 days. This is a great moisturizer but I do not see miracles. I just sealed the re-purchase deal. It definitely did not last a long enough time


 Re-purchase? No.



Quick Review of things I continually use –>


CVS Brand Premium Cotton Rounds

I usually get these on sale for buy 2, get 1 free so I always stock up. I prefer these over Rite Aid brand cotton rounds because they do not fall apart. The CVS ones are strong and do not drag on the skin. I already exfoliate my face a couple of weeks and I am to sensitive to daily scrubbing so I need something smooth. I prefer these over the square cottons as well. The squares are rough and sometimes fall apart as well.


CVS Brand Triple Size Cotton Balls

These are also on sale for buy 2, get 1 free. I use the triple size with Zoya Remover + and I only need 2 cotton balls to fully remove nail polish. They absorb polish remover well and do not fall apart easily, though sometimes they do lose out against chunkier glitters.


Zoya Remove + Polish Remover

(USD $25.00 for 32 fl. oz)

So far the best polish remover I have used. It does not dry out my skin and it removes all traces of polishes from my cuticles. When used with the Pond’s towelettes any color residue disappears and my fingers stay moisturized. I have re-purchased several times.



Hi, my name is Monica and  I have RA.