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I do not really have new favorites this month, they are items I reached for more often during May!


Too Faced’s The Chocolate Bar Eye Palette

(USD $49.00 for 16 shadows) –> found at Sephora

I grabbed my Too Faced Chocolate Bar palette (review linked here) more often than any other palette I own. Even though I consider my Urban Decay Naked I palette my holy grail, I only use four shades. With the Chocolate Bar palette, I use almost all the colors! Win!


 Caudalie’s “Vinosource Moisturizing Sorbet”

(USD $39.00 for 1.3oz) –> found at Nordstrom or Sephora


I use this occasionally when the evenings are too humid for my Chantecaille night cream. I bought this on a whim and loved it. Upon reading the description I was immediately curious. A gel moisturizer that breaks into water particles? Interesting! I never tried a gel lotion before but I figured it was a good alternative to a typical face cream, especially since I have an oily complexion in the summer. I decided to give it a try because so far, I have been loving the brand!

It is a very unique face lotion. It has a light airy consistency that when rubbed into the skin feels like a light serum. It absorbs relatively quickly and leaves the skin refreshed and hydrated. It does not look or feel like a typical gel but it does not really matter since it does not remain that initial texture. I really like it since I do not need a lot of product and it applies smoothly.


Lauren Ralph Lauren Woman’s Alexa Sandal

(USD $19.99 – 65.00) –> found at Amazon.com or DSW


I have a lot of difficulty finding flats and sandals. I have absurdly flat and extremely thin feet. I either do not fill out the shoes properly or the over-the-foot detailing is not low enough to fit snugly. Because of this, I have to physically go shoe-shopping. It is generally always a miss when I shop online. Last summer was hot. It was humid and hot until November (no joke!). Sneakers were out of the question and so were ballet flats. I went to DSW and tried on sandal after sandal.

I was feeling pretty disheartened when along came the Lauren Ralph Lauren Alexa sandal. The one in my proper size was also the display and the ankle band was too stretched out. Thankfully, the next size up also fit.

I wear these sandals to death. I find them easy to walk in, the ankle band fits me snugly so my feet do not slip out. Don’t you hate it when that happens with sandals?? The separator thong does not rub in between my toes (a common problem I find with flip flops) and the over portion is comfortable. The best part is, even in very hot, humid and sweaty weather the sole does not become slippery! And last, but not least, they do not make my symptoms any worse! 

Since I love these shoes so much, I decided to purchase another set in my proper size. Amazon carries them and they come in A MYRIAD of colors! Last year, DSW only carried them in the black/white or brown detailing. Amazon sells them in yellows, blues, metallics and reds, amongst others!

However, proceed with caution. The company who sells them does not specify how new the shoes are. When I received my shoes, the ankle band on one was stretched out and the buckle holes on both were a bit worn. They may not be used but they had definitely been tried on. Bummer. Thankfully, Amazon & the company made the return easy.

I would definitely recommend. Some reviewers said the sandals were of poor quality and broke or wore down quickly. I have not had this problem. The ankle band stretched some, but no more than any other sandal I tried.


Lush’s “Vanilla Dee-Lite” Body Lotion

(USD $27.95 for 8.45oz) –> found at http://www.lushusa.com


I bought this during the height of my curiosity of LUSH products. I am actually very unhappy with this product. For the price, I expected baby soft skin. Instead, I got mildly hydrated skin with visible lines and tackiness.

The fragrance is heavenly, though. It is true vanilla that is not overly sweet, but has the nutty aroma.

However, the reason why it is in my favorites this month is because it is perfect for blog pictures. It hydrates my hands enough so I feel comfortable photographing them and unlike other hand lotions, it does not leave a greasy or shiny cast. It has a special place in my nail art supply kit!


Jo Malone’s “Lime Basil & Mandarin” Cologne

(USD $60.00 for 1oz) –> found at Nordstrom 

I wanted a new Spring fragrance. I ran out of my Prada Infusion d’Iris so I thought this would be the perfect time to try something new. I loved the light, floral candles from Jo Malone and I heard raves of the brand’s fragrances so I visited the Jo Malone counter at my local Nordstrom. I spritzed four different scents on my arms before continuing to shop the half-yearly sale.

The Lime, Basil & Mandarin fragrance was the one I kept sniffing and sniffing again. It oxidized wonderfully on my skin. The first notes I detected were not what drew me in. It was the spicy basil grounding the fragrance that made me purchase it.

The initial citrus-y orange scent is strong but not over-powering. It reminds me of those orange-lemonade drinks with mint or basil garnishes.

It is a very unique scent, but as I realize most of the Jo Malone fragrances are! What really draws me to this, though, is it is very unisex. I think this would smell great on a guy, granted, I am not sure how many men would wear a cologne called “Lime, Basil & Mandarin”.

The only downside to this perfume is it is not very long lasting. I should have realized as it is not an Eau de Parfum but a Cologne, which is generally lighter and more dilute.

I wear this during the day when I know I will be inside, so it lasts longer. But I love that it is almost foolproof. It is extremely difficult to apply too much! If you do, just wait and most of it will diffuse.


Jo Malone’s “Black Cedarwood & Juniper” Cologne

(USD $120.00 for 3.4oz) –> found at Nordstrom

I did not plan on purchasing this perfume. I was in the market for one new one and I kept going back to the Lime, Basil & Mandarin scent even over this one. Regardless, there was always something that kept the Cedarwood fragrance at the back of my head. It was spicy but sweet and it was my second choice out of the four initial tests.

I returned to Nordstrom to get a sample, I decided against purchasing at the time. And, of course, out of all the samples I had, I reached for this the most.

I bit the bullet and returned to the store to purchase…but, since it was limited edition, it was sold out!! According to the sales assistant, most of the local Nordstroms were also sold out of this item (now, whether this is true or not I do not know but I was not about to drive all over the place for one bottle of perfume!).

I ran home and purchased the fragrance online. I could have forgotten about the cologne sooner or later but the purchase was mostly fueled by how popular it was and how much more difficult it was to get!

I cannot really say what this perfume smells like. Once the top notes evaporate it becomes more sweet than spicy, but it reminds me of sitting outside after a hard thunderstorm with the addition of juniper.

Even though this perfume was expensive, a 3.4-ounce bottle lasts a long time. For reference, a 1-ounce bottle of perfume lasts me about six or seven months with daily use.



Well, that is it for my monthly favorites! Have you tried any of these? What do you think? Is there something I should try that is similar?


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