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Yesterday marked a new month in the TPC! I am excited about this month as I especially love the color combination!

For this week’s manicure I decided on the “Nimbus” technique. I remember seeing a similar design…somewhere…I think it might have been a phone’s wallpaper but if it is someone’s nail art idea please let me know so I can credit them appropriately!


I really like the Nimbus technique but I can only get one, maybe two dots per side of the Q-tip before it loses its shape. Is there a way around that? Otherwise, it is a great abstract technique suitable for RA-shaky hands!

DSCF0022_fotorI used 3 coats of Julie G White Orchid and Seche Vite as my base.

I detailed with q-tips, pure acetone, Color Club Twiggie, Poptastic, and Milani Vivid Violet.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.