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I do not own a single jelly! I need to change this. The closest I have is a recent Revlon Gel Envy purchase. Why it is close? Because it has “gel” in the name. Gel is short for Jelly, right??

It is not a jelly but dries to a springy finish. I love describing things as “springy” or “spongy” because it makes everything a little more fun.

I also used a polish with “Jelly” in the name. This all counts towards the prompt, right? I say yes, in a weird twist five times around kind of way!

I hope you like it. I have been in a stamping mood so I layered a couple of this manicure.


DSCF0177_fotorI used 2 coats of Revlon Gel Envy High Stakes as my base. Revlon polishes are hit or miss with me but this polish is definitely a hit. The formula is good and the color is gorgeous.

I stamped with MoYou London plate 03 (Scholar collection), Pretty Jelly Plum in Love and Essie No Place Like Chrome. Both polishes stamped really well!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.