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Let’s not even get into the quality of the photos today. I apologize, my camera does not seem to capture whites well! I couldn’t get the lighting right and I couldn’t fix it! I am also not feeling to great, I wrecked myself climbing yesterday and now am paying for it. Not to mention, my cuticles went from bad to worse and the skin is peeling off my hands. Actual peeling. My body feels dehydrated but I am drinking enough water, getting enough electrolytes. Oof, my body is one hot mess right now. Most of the skin off my lips has peeled off and now they’re bleeding. I just feel off.

Anyways, now that I have gone way past TMI lets get on to the nail art. Because I feel so wonky, I needed to do a design that was easy on the RA. What better way than splatter painting? I do not even touch the nail for that! Fun, easy, quick. And guess what? I actually photographed my left hand. This is unheard of as the last time I did was my very first nail art a year ago. I found waiting for the polish to thicken added to the splatter effect so my left hand came out way better than my right.

Please ignore my awful skin and pictures…but I hope you like the nail art! I am pretty pleased with how it came out.



Polishes used: Milani Spotlight White, Color Club Almost Famous, Wet n Wild I Red a Good Book, and Anise Make Waves.

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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