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I wanted to start a favorites showcasingg other people’s nail art, products, etc that I loved throughout the month. I wanted to do this for a while but always forgot which things went with which month! I remedied this by starting Pinterest monthly boards (one for nail art, one for everything else) so I could easily organize everything. Finally, my unhealthy addiction to Pinterest came in handy! Check out all my nail art favorites here and my favorite everything else’s (well, it’s a word now!) here.

Below I compiled ten. This is not to say I don’t love everything in my Favorites tab but if I do not narrow down the list I will talk forever and ever! In no particular order…


Mordor Nail Art 4

Jacki from Adventures in Acetone created this amazing Mordor nail art! She completely stole my heart when she said Mordor was a worthy “land” for the Digit-al Dozen prompt this month. As you all know, I wholeheartedly believe Middle Earth exists in a different dimension so I could not stop gushing over this manicure.  Jacki’s freehand is wonderful and the matte top coat adds to the effect. Check out her amazing pictures where the lava glows under the black light!



I finally said a sad farewell to my Blackberry and upgraded to a true Android, the Samsung Galaxy Note 3. Everyone makes fun of me because the thing is bigger than my face. That aside, the voice recognition is superb which is great on my flare-y days but the phone comes with a stylus which is just plain cool. As any normal 20-something girl I set out to find a case for my new technological monster. Where is the best place to look? Etsy, of course!  And, because I am a huge nerd, I wanted to showcase my love of Lord of the Rings.

This case is absolutely perfect. The picture is not stretched or blurred. The thick silicone wraps around the phone so I imagine it is well-protected from a fall. Did I mention shipping is ridiculously fast? I received the order within a week of placing it!



This is my FAVORITE quote from any book, movie, spoken or written word ever. (It would be from Lord of the Ring’s Fellowship of the Ring…) I have never been a full-time kind of person. I get bored quickly and like to move around so this quote describes my life motto. This is my next tattoo, if I get another one, so it makes sense it would be my phone case as well.

The details are not stretched and the case wraps around the phone. It is made out of plastic like the “barely there” case so it may crack with impact but it sticks like glue. I have trouble removing it when I switch cases. I did not notice the map until I received the product but it is not the typical world map. I am not really sure which map it is, to be honest. I also received the shipment a week within ordering!


9aa626d65174b2afa6bb6750a8afe5c6Neons! ‘Nuff said. I absolutely love toothpick marbles. They always look fun and fantastic and Sheila did a fabulous job. (Yay alliteration!) The colors work so well together and they do not mix or become muddy! This manicure is really amazing.



Neons and abstract are the secret keys to my favorites. Pearl created a great manicure with an awesome color scheme and precision I can only dream of achieving. There are no smudges and the glitter does not spill over onto the base which is always a difficult avoidance! Pearl’s water-spotting is a work of art. I would love to re-create this look for an evening out!



I love plaid designs and the ones on Marta’s nails are no exception. Her stamping is exceptional and her splatter is gorgeous. It is well-defined but melts into the background. There are many layers but they come together for one great look.



If am not loving abstract art I am loving clean cut geometric shapes like the ones from Mireia. This is her submission for the “round and square” prompt from the Nail-Art-A-Go-Go challenge. Her freehand is so well-done it looks stamped!



While I am not a fan of florals on myself, I adore them on other people. I have a soft spot for Cherry Blossoms which is probably a side effect of growing up in Washington DC! Sheila’s flowers look real but her gorgeous black and white background steals the show. The shading and gradient are to die for and it reminds me of the traditional watercolor paintings on Japanese rice paper.



Wow. Just wow. This amazing freehand “Aurora Borealis” from Emma took my breath away. The colors danced on the nail. Words cannot express how much I loved this manicure.



I love this teeny dotticure from Jemma! This was one of her manicures for the Oh Mon Dieu 2 Challenge in July and I swooned when I first saw it. I love tiny dots. They are cute and wonderful and these are no exception. Jemma’s dots are even and the colors are bright and defined. Even though white nail polish never screams subtle, the nail art does and makes anyone do a double take at your nails.


I hope you like my new take on monthly favorites! Please check out my Pinterest boards for the full list!


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