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It is time for my favorites showcase! Last month I switched my monthly favorites to a monthly showcase. I put my Pinterest addiction to good use and started a “favorites board”. Two, actually, one for nail art and one for everything else (ie. products, etc). Check out my August nail art board here and my items board here.

I picked ten from both boards. This is not to say I like any better than others!! If I talked about every nail art and item I would go on forever so please check out all my favorites at the links above!



DSCN6219Is it any surprise I adore this manicure? It is a surprise I have never attempted a manicure like this though! Heather from Peace, Love & Polish did such a great job. The colors and details remind me exactly of doggie day cares! The extra shadows are the main reason I love Heather’s work; her eye for detail push her nail art from just pretty to amazing.


House-of-flying-daggers-bamboo-nail-art-501I am always in awe of Ali’s freehand work. She thinks of every possible detail and executes each perfectly. I am really jealous because I wish I could create as lovely a landscapes manicure but until and after I can I will continue to moon over hers! The background has so many levels, the shading is amazing and because of them her art has a 3D feel.


_6235088I bought this highlighter at the beginning of Summer 2013 when it was LE. This was my first highlighter purchase, ever.  It is bronze with a faint rose gold shimmer. Up until I found this highlighter, most were too gold or pearly for me. This is appears more gold on the skin and as with most Chanel products, the shimmer is noticeable.

Over the last month the inflammation in my eyes got worse. I barely tolerated contact lenses and less than managed eye makeup. I was not sleeping well because of the pain. I looked tired and ill. A dab of this highlighter on the corner of my eyes, under the brow bone and on the bridge of my nose “woke” me right up!

A little product goes a long way, I haven’t made it halfway through the bottle! The opening of the bottle is big and the product is thin so I have to be careful about spilling or taking too much (both have happened on numerous occasions) but it is easy to blend in and sets quickly. Once it sets it does not budge, even in hot weather!


Even when I cannot wear eye-makeup I still want to look put together and blue mascara is the perfect way to do so! Colored mascara was all the rage a few months ago. I tried a fair few and I did not like any of them. I bit the retail bullet and tried the YSL “Shocking” mascara. I fell head over heels. I heard good things about the “Babydoll” line so on a whim, I purchased Audacious Blue. It became my every day mascara. Navy blue brightens the whites of the eyes and instantly perks up my face. Unlike most other mascaras I’ve tried, I can tell the product is on my eyelashes. In certain lights, I see the color but not in an “I am wearing mascara” type of way. It mimics natural navy blue highlights on super shiny black hair. This mascara lengthens and separates my lashes so they look like a better groomed version of themselves. Best of all, the mascara does not flake, even when climbing!

Wow! What else can I say about Ruth’s amazing Halloween manicure! The gradient and stamping are clean and the scary eyes are a very sweet touch! I fell head over heels for this manicure when I first saw it and expected nothing less! Ruth’s nail art is extremely unique and her photography is to die for! Each picture has a little extra. I am not one to look at multiple pictures of the same thing but I find myself scrolling down the posts on the Adorned Claw!

967863c9e19f0a0eee2a28c3fc6715e3I was instantly drawn to Sammy’s blog because of her short nails. As I followed her on a regular basis I fell in love with her simple yet gorgeous designs. Sammy gives me endless inspiration for my own nails and when I saw her watercolor plaid designs, I knew I had to take note. Plaid and water-color? How can anyone go wrong? The Nailasaurus certainly doesn’t! The look is pulled together by the deeper spots on the tips. Even application of the water-color technique is difficult and it just goes to show Sammy’s level of detail!

117a35909df11eb47418473e537b9444Bubbles!! I am actually five years old and bubbles. Blowing bubbles was my favorite pastime as a kid. My parents were totally okay with that because hey, it was easy and kept me busy for hours! Want to hear a funny story? Marmalade is TERRIFIED of bubbles. It is very funny and sort of sad. Sometimes I wonder how she is my cat.

I was drawn to Laurie’s manicure because of the colors and the 3D feel. The “greater than” gradient across the nails mimic a moving picture, if that makes any sense. I thought I was watching someone blow bubbles, true nail art!

4947129bb948c723f5a8b966d0cb00e9In my opinion, Shelly never fails at nail art. Her designs are gorgeous and well-executed. And her nail shape is always on point. Her nails always look perfect! This manicure is amazing because of the depths of the waters and shore, the little critters are a cute, pretty touch and the crowning piece is the textured sand at the tips.

Under Armour "Ultimate" Shorts | @NordstromYou may remember these lovely pair of shorts from my Nordstrom anniversary sale post and let me tell you, I love them! I bought them both in blue and green and would have in pink if they came in my size. These are the only pair of spandex shorts I own. I’ve always had trouble finding a pair that fit. They would either fit in the rear, but not at the hip or would just be too big all the way around. Usually, the legs are too loose which is my biggest pet peeve about leggings. They need to be tight fitting and have no gaps.

These shorts fit me perfectly, they are thin, lightweight and they show no lines. They may not be seamless but they certainly act that way!

Sailboats by Will Paint Nails for Food | The Rite of Aging Monthly FavoritesMeghan’s gorgeous freehand mimics a canvas painting. This specific manicure was inspired by a painting but that is besides the point! Meghan’s layering gives her nail designs a true artist’s feel. I can never achieve the same level of depth and detailing without the design coming out one gloppy mess. Meghan uses a mix of nail polish and acrylic paint but her artistry looks like pure paint, always.

I hope you like my August showcase. This post took me so long to write because I kept switching and changing the nail art I featured. There are a ton more at my Pinterest page so don’t forget to check them out!

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