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I did not do a September favorites so I decided to combine the two months! If you remember I spent three weeks of September asleep, when I woke up I spent another week beating myself up for being asleep for three weeks. Yes, I know it’s not my fault I was so fatigued but I still felt like I wasted away three weeks of my life. That being said I fell behind with my blogs and could not get through them quickly enough to do a favorites last month. Check out my two Pinterest boards (here – Sept.) and (here – Oct.)


more nail polish - sept. favoritesI have a soft spot for galaxy nails and for cats so it really is no surprise that I fell in love with these More Nail Polish nails she did for the 31 day challenge. The color scheme is awesome, the detailing is not muddy and the kitties are just plain cute. This actually reminded me strongly of a shirt Target sells on their website (linked here). Actually, this shirt has a very funny story.

At the climbing gym I work at there is a “free crap cubby”. People always chuck things in there for others to take. Well, this shirt ended up in there.  One of my coworkers said the shirt did not fit him so another one tried it. He argued it was also too small for him (which it wasn’t, but I guess guys are weird about how their shirts fit) so he hot potato-ed it. I jumped up and down gurgling “I want it! I want it!” trying to get my word in before another coworker did. Of course, I forgot to pick it up when I left for the day and she snagged it. I totally bought that shirt.


@debrasnailart - sept. favesI discovered Debra in the Challenge Your Nail Art group. Her freehand work is amazing.  The detailing and shading make me believe I am looking at a painting and I can tell what animals I’m looking at. Check out her Instagram, her manicures are awesome!


lacquerologist - sept. favesIt is probably no surprise I am a pet adoption advocate. It really guts me so many shelter animals are euthanized because of no better reason than space constraints. When I saw Emily’s manicure, it hit a soft spot. I love the simplicity of the two colors and wording. It says what it needs to say without becoming crowded. And the shimmer of the base just says “hope” to me.


chalkboard nails - oct. favesI am always in awe of Sarah’s manicures but I especially love her simpler ones. This is abstract, easy to do, and I can mess around with the technique until I am happy with the finished product. It only requires two colors and acetone yet this nail art has so much depth.  Depending on the colors I use, this manicure is perfect for any time of year or for any occasion. I wanted to try this for the “villains” prompt earlier this week but my vampire bats won out.


fixin to faff - oct. favesI always love Ali’s manicures but I have a super soft spot for her plaid designs. The colors in this look work well together, the stamping is perfect and I’m in awe that she stamped with a holo polish. Ali’s pictures are always so cool since she holds a different prop and the lighting is flawless.


adventures in acetone - oct. favesI especially love the Jacki’s sponging for this look. I can’t get enough of that silver fading into the purple as a spider web gets bigger and, in theory, thinner. These two colors fade nicely together and the silver really pops on top of them. Regardless, it doesn’t clash since both the purple and gray appear to have silver shimmer running through them. I usually dislike anything with spiders or webs but this detailing is really cool.


31DC2014 - September 5: Blue | The Rite of AgingI generally would not include one of my manicures but this one is special. It was a double gradient that came out exactly the way I wanted it to and it received more than 100 likes on Instagram. Which I think is pretty cool and made me feel really awesome. Thank you everyone for sticking with me!


I hope you’ll like my favorites picks for the last couple of months. These of course are not the only favorites so don’t forget to check out the pinchers boards to see all of them.


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