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I have another (Born Pretty Store) review for you today but for a completely different product. I saw a Youtube video a long long time ago featuring nail foils. I could not decide whether I liked the idea or not. On one hand, it is VERY RA-friendly. On the other hand, the final nail art looks kind of messy and unintentional. I know, I know, sounds strange coming from the girl who loves abstract nail art! I do not really know how to explain it, but something about foil nail art does not look right.

I was always curious so I thought this was the perfect time to try them! BPS has a huge selection, something like 27 colors, of these (nail art) foil papers so there is something for everyone…as long as you like metallics, of course!

I hope you find this review helpful!


nail foils

Nail Foil #27

The above picture also links to the product’s webpage.

The foil comes in a plastic tub with a screw-off lid. The product measures about 44 inches, which I was really surprised about because I did not read the product description, as per usual. When I first saw the product I thought it was only the diameter of the jar so I was very happy when I realized how much there actually was!



For this look:


I used 2 coats of Wet n Wild Black Creme as my base.

I used Color Club Warhol and Pop Beauty Pacific Hoot for the sugar-spun.

Application and Thoughts:

Wait until the last coat of polish is slightly dry and tacky. Gently apply the foil over the nail with the color face up. Quickly lift the foil off the nail.

I watched a couple of videos where people were able to apply the foil to the entire nail and pull it off. However, when I used this method, I also removed the polish. I had more luck applying the foil to smaller areas instead.

The foil was very easy to use. I did experience a great deal of trial and error figuring out how tacky and dry the polish had to be and ended up with bald spots. I just re-applied the nail polish and foil. The polish had to be on the drier side of tacky so this technique worked well for me.

The used spots of the paper became clear so it was easy to not re-use spots.


nail foil close upWhile this was a very easy and quick nail art technique parts of it were tedious. It took multiple attempts to build up the color and it was difficult to foil the edges of the nail. Regardless, it was not time-consuming so I did not mind the extra work. I think with a little practice I will not have to “re-touch” as much.


I recommend the foils unless you are not a fan of abstract nail art since there is no way to get a structured look with these. As I worked with these I think I realized why I did not like them at first. I do not like the look of bigger chunks. I much rather like the look of the smaller particles that mimic a flakies top coat! I guess that is personal preference, though. What do you think? Have you tried these foils? Which look do you prefer?

One jar of foil (or ~44 inches) retails for $1.50 at the Born Pretty Store website.

If you decide to place an order do not forget to apply my discount code below!



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