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Yikes! It is already mid-December and I have not posted my favorite nail arts from November? This month is flying by. Can you imagine? We are just over 10 days away from Christmas…then we will be in 2015. What is going on??

Anyways, here are my top 5 picks from this past month, in no particular order. Check out the rest at my Pinterest page linked (here). By the way, I am so happy I finally figured out how to pin images from Instagram!!


November Favorites from Will Paint for FoodI gush over Meghan’s nail art. Her freehand is gorgeous and I especially love her art-inspired styles. Each component of this artist’s palette is well-defined while still incorporating the water-color washout style.


November Favorites from CraftynailJacqui does the cutest freehand designs. Her animals are super adorable and always make me smile. I love the on-edge ears of these pandas. They instantly reminded me of that episode of FRIENDS where Joey competes on the game show and guesses “A GHOST?” You know what expression I’m talking about 😉


November Favorites from @stefka62_sevlievoI love Stefmal’s nail art. Each of her designs have a sweet but sassy quality. These stuffed toys are the cutest. The bears are so snuggly and I think the small transparent glitter discs are the cherries on top. They add to the whimsical feel of this manicure.


November Favorites from K's Nail ArtAll of Kairi’s manicures are superb! She has a eye for geometric shapes and gorgeous color combinations. Her plaid designs are always on my list of favorites. I mean. Purple. Plaid. Beautiful.


November Favorites from Topshop

These super comfortable socks from Topshop are warm, easy to scrunch down around the ankle, and they do not skew the look of my feet. Check out Topshop’s “3 for $15” website promo if you’re interested. There are so many holiday-themed styles to choose from.


I hope you like my selection of favorites this month!


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