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Product provided for honest review.

I have a third (Born Pretty Store) product for review! As you all know, I have a certain fondness for stamping! I love the crisp images and patterns I can never freehand. Just like anyone, I order my stamping plates from my favorite companies but recently, I am trying new ones.

I hear mixed reviews about the Born Pretty Store stamping plates; everything from the good to the images are not etched properly making it nearly impossible to transfer the image to the stamper. BPS released all new stamping plates and I wanted to try one out!



Ugh! I am so sorry my photo is not the best. I could not photograph the images properly! Unfortunately, this plate is no longer available on the website and I could not find another that was similar. However, if you are interested in checking out the other plates take a look (here).

I really like the abstract images on this plate. I do not have designs like these on any other. That is my biggest pet peeve about stamping plates. The images sometime become repetitive. From what I can tell of the website, the stamping plates are different. They each have a theme and the images are similar but not enough I feel like I am paying for the same image five or six times.


Below are a few manicures I made with the images.

DSCF2143_fotor DSCF2180_fotor DSCF2161_fotor



I think this stamping plate is great. I had little to no trouble applying and scraping polish. The image transferred nicely to the stamper. Occasionally, when the images are not etched properly I experience smearing while transferring the images. Not with this plate! I used different polishes to stamp: Konad Specials, old Milani lacquers and Mundo de Unas stamping polishes. I had the same good experiences with each.


I recommend this product. I hear better things about the newly released plates so hopefully the quality stretches across the board and at $2.99 with free worldwide shipping it certainly does not hurt to try one out, right?


If stamping does not interest you BPS has a great selection of other (nail art) supplies so there is bound to be something for everyone. I also have reviews for the foils (linked here) and of the tiger water decals which includes my thoughts on shipping (linked here).

If you place an order feel free to apply my 10% discount at checkout!



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