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I have stayed away from glitter toppers because the last time I wore them I had a terrible time taking them off. I couldn’t! I scrubbed and scrubbed, my cuticles turned raw and even after all that there were still glitter pieces stuck to my nail. Yikes! It was an overall bad, haunting experience and I have not quite gotten over it yet.

However, New Year’s still screams glitter and bright colors so I cheated and used a fun gold flaky topper instead!

I hope you like it!


DSCF2257_fotor-001I used 3 coats of Sally Hansen Miracle Gel So Cir-cute as my base.

I stamped with Pueen plate and OPI Lincoln Park After Dark.

I marbled without the water-marble with Zoya Maria Luisa. I don’t think the concentration would have varied that much if I applied the topper straight from the bottle (especially over the yellow base) but the technique is just so satisfying!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.