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I have another Born Pretty Store stamping plate review for you! I have a few more for you in upcoming weeks!


The Born Pretty Store is a massive online distributor with a large variety of nail art goodies for every style. I love stamping so I jumped at the chance to review more plates. BPS re-launched their stamping plates a few months ago. Before the re-vamp, multiple reviewers mentioned issues with etching and transferring but since the new release I have not heard anything about these recurrent issues.


BPS plate 19

Product ID: 17264

The above photo links directly to the product’s site. I used the plate before I scanned the image and boy does that Mundo de Unas polish stain! Do I need to say why I chose this plate? I have a weird obsession with leaves! Well, nature in general, but definitely leaves! I did not even think twice. These beauties were made for me! Check out some nail art below.


Fall Leaves Marble | The Rite of Aging

Stamping Fall Leaves | The Rite of Aging


I already talked about the images but let me reiterate how wonderful they are: the perfect leaves! (!!!Look at that fern!!!) The quality of stamping is good. I experience clear transfer to the stamper, no smearing on the nail and I use an assortment of non-stamping and stamping specific polishes. As you can see, I have some trouble with the copper. I think it is due to my inexperience with Mundo de Unas polishes (they are wonderful and so amazingly pigmented). I experience a lot of excess pooling on the stamper itself (but I have this problem with other plates as well). I have some difficulty with the stems, as well, because the image is so fine it dries quickly on the stamper and does not transfer to the nail.


I recommend this plate as I had good experiences with BPS’ new line. This plate retails for $2.99 on the website and if leaves are not your thing definitely check out the other stamping plates! If you read my first BPS review you know how I feel about shipping…but at the low price of their products, it is worth giving them a try!!


If you are interested in placing an order, feel free to use my 10% off coupon code below! Have you tried any of the new BPS plates? What do you think?


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