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This year I will try to comment on more blogs. I read the posts and continually fall behind on Bloglovin’ but I am always too chicken to comment; especially when there are 40+ already there! I am also trying to pin more. I am already addicted to Pinterest and don’t nearly pin enough…yep, I said it!

Anyways, below are 5 favorites from last month!


PiggieLuv - Jan15favesCan we just talk about how Narmai used real chalk for this look? She said she did not have great control while “writing on the chalkboard” but I couldn’t tell the difference. The writing is so small and perfect. It shoots me straight back to high school! Narmai really uses her nails as a canvas!


Lady Maid Nails - Jan15favesI became familiar with Mandy’s blog during Debbie’s (The Crumpet) 31-Day Challenge this month. I absolutely love Mandy’s freehand! I especially love her take on the reversed polarities prompt. It is a total throwback to when my mom took me to the science discovery store and I played with the electric ball. Whenever I touched it the current turned pink as I moved my hand around.


fixintofaff - jan15favesHow cool is this sponging?? Ali only used the three primary colors to achieve this look. The Barry Ms she used were on the darker side so the final result came out cool and vampy…click the above link to see the finished look. How cool is this “during” picture?

hourglass ambient powderI love highlighters. Especially those I can sweep on even when I am not wearing foundation. Regardless of how well I take care of my skin, it sometimes looks sallow and medicine-ridden. I wear every single one of the above shades and I always look glow-y! The colors are soft and diffuse easily. Initially, I considered only buying the more golden tone “Radiant Light” but highlighters in the palette are quite smaller than the singles and about half the price but honestly, I cannot imagine going through any of them in my lifetime. Anyways, having three shades is a lot more versatile! I did not anticipate purchasing this palette but the checkout line waits right next to the Hourglass display…


69a7d4a246e9db5ba47533d5a17ae5b9.jpgAnd finally…Bao Bao plays in the first real DC snowfall. Enough said.


Definitely check out my Pinterest pages (nails – here) and (other things – here). There are a host of AMAZING nails especially from the Fairy Tales Digital Dozen week and some seriously cool random stuff including the map of Middle Earth drawn on a coffee cup.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.