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I was in a freehand mood this evening and thought I’d give it a try. I know, weird, right?? I cut down one of my brushes and think the thinner point works a whole lot better!


I wanted to try a black and white watermarble after I saw Peachy Polish’s valentine nail art and decided to doodle some flowers for contrast. I thought I would try something relatively familiar, I always doodle these on paper!


Freehand and Watermarble Nail Art | The Rite of Aging

peachy polish valentine 2015I know my marble does not even rival Valesha’s but I am pretty happy with my overall look. At first, I tried for two marble nails but I could not get the second to look right so I just left it alone. The polishes swam together and I did not get as crisp a line as I wanted.

For the watermarble I used Sinful Colors Snow Me White and Wet n Wild Black Creme.

I used Zoya Anais as the base on the other nails and white acrylic paint for the flowers.


I hope you like it…As you know, I don’t usually go for freehand but I just felt like giving it a go!


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