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Rest in peace, dear Fujifilm, rest in peace. My camera of 10 years died on me. It just wouldn’t turn on! It was a good camera and one of the best point and shoots at the time. The manual settings left much to be desired so while it was great to take out and snap some pics, for blogging purposes I was generally frustrated.

On the bright side I can finally buy a new camera. I’ve wanted to upgrade for about six months but life got in the way and I put off the purchase. My Samsung Note takes relatively decent pictures but it is totally dependent on whether it is sunny outside Unfortunately, in my neck of the woods, weather forecasts are not completely trustworthy. So, now that I do not have a camera, I need a camera!

I had my eye on a couple of Canon cameras and I narrowed it down to the G16; but while I wait for my new toy the pictures will be taken with my phone.


I bought a new nail stamper (specifically, the Creative Stamper) and I was dying to try it out. However, when I saw how well my gradient base turned out I couldn’t bring myself to add anything on top! Heh…hard to believe, right?

I hope you like my RA-friendly sponge gradient!


Pink Gradient | The Rite of AgingI started with a thin coat of Milani Spotlight White. I strongly dislike the consistency of this polish but I can’t bring myself to toss and waste it. I use it exclusively with bright colors to help them pop!

I used a makeup sponge and (from cuticle to tip) Barry M Rhossili, Grapefruit and Sally Hansen Petal Pusher.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.