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I am so so so sorry for the quality of this picture. I took multiple photos, many times and I never got a decent one! Eventually I snapped one with flash and while my skin is freakish, I got a clear shot of the sugar-spin.

There are multiple Instagram challenges going on in August and while I am not sure I will take on each and every prompt, I will definitely do the ones that peak my interest. Gradient and rainbow did so the following manicure covers both the #clairestelle8august and #dreamnailschallenge challenges!

I was a little skeptical about using neons for the sugar-spin especially since Sun Worshiper dries down sort of matte. I was pleasantly surprised. All three polishes I used worked wonderfully and the gradient came out exactly how I wanted.

I am a little peeved my middle nail ended up a little stringier than usual but my nails are so short I had to make the threads a little thinner.

Check out the bottom of the post for some of my tricks for a great sugar-spin!


Neon Gradient Sugar-Spun Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseMilani Fast Fuchsia

Sugar-Spin (from cuticle to tip): Color Club Wham! Pow!, China Glaze Sun WorshiperDaisy Know Me Name?


I am not sure I can do a proper video tutorial until I get a new camera. I am still using my phone and I just don’t know how to take a video while doing a sugar-spin! So, for now, I will just write down so tips below! If you have any questions please ask!!


  • I use a clean white piece of paper for my polish puddles. This way I do not mistakenly blend pigments.
  • I pour out the polishes before I apply my base color. That way, I am not waiting around for ages for them become tacky.
  • I use separate toothpicks for each color.
  • While I wait for each layer of my base coat and base color to dry I turn the polish over so it dries evenly.
  • After I am done with the sugar-spin, I use the clean side of the toothpick to gently push the edges of the threads underneath the nail. Then, I pull the excess straight back for easier clean-up. Otherwise, the cleanup brush will move the polish around and ruin the design.
  • If parts of the threads are too gloopy use the clean side of the toothpick to gently pull from the center of the thread to the edges of the nail.


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