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The weather has been so sunny recently (albeit a bit humid) so I switched my photos and opted for natural light. However, this means I have to finish my nail art by about 6pm and the time will slowly inch earlier and earlier as the month progresses. I may return to my indoor lighting or take photos the next morning before work. Unfortunately, I may have some wear and tear on the tips. Ah well, I’ll cross that bridge when I get there!

I cannot wait until I purchase my new camera! I have my eyes on the Canon Rebel t3i. I tried a friend’s and it was amazing. I instantly fell in love and crossed the Sony RX100 III off my list (okay, that’s a lie, it is still on my list as a basic not so basic point and shoot).


For today’s orange prompt I did a gradient. I love gradients but I especially love orange ones. Interestingly, as you may remember, I am not a fan of Halloween and never quite understood the orange and black color scheme. Regardless, I LOVE the combination on my nails..go figure!

I spiced things up with a little shimmer in between and I have to say I dig the final result. Do I seem more bubbly to you? I’m in a fantastic mood. I am back on the “good” meds. I exercise every day, nap less and am in better spirits. Also. I hate August. August is gone. YES.

And now I bring myself back from that tangent…


#31D2015 - Orange Gradient Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseWet n Wild Black CremeUrban Outfitters Westside

Gradient (from cuticles to tips): Wet n Wild Black CremeUrban Outfitters Banana HammockWestside

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