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For today’s glitter prompt I went with an oldie but a goodie: a simple gradient. I have actually done this look before but on serious nail nubs. Can we talk really quickly about my nail length? I always always always since the beginning of my time had short nails. It was impossible to wear long nails because of rock-climbing and my vet tech work. I was so used to short nubs even going a little longer felt strange and I always thought my nails would break. As my blogging progressed I started favoring longer nails (I know they are still considered short but for me these have serious length!) I can still climb and work but how times have changed. What’s next? Changing my nail shape??


#31DC2015 - Glitter Gradient Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBaseEssie Mademoiselle

GlitterDeborah Lippman Happy Birthday!


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