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RA-friendly nail art.

Today’s nail art was so much fun! I sugar-spun (my favorite) and splattered with no cleanup!

Today’s prompt was “inspired by a song” so I chose my favorite Broadway musical Sweeney Todd. It is the grossest, most intense musicals I have ever seen but the music is phenomenal.

If you are unfamiliar with Sweeney Todd the basic plot of the story is he is a wrongfully accused barber who returns to London to take revenge on the people who imprisoned him. He rents a room above a woman’s (Mrs. Lovett) pie shop. Todd opens his barber shop and slits the throats of his clients. He then sends their bodies through a meat grinder which Mrs. Lovett uses for her pies. Her shop becomes very popular yet nobody knows they are participating in cannibalism!

Gross, right?


I took inspiration from the CD cover art with the sugar-spin mimicking the ground flesh Todd served to his customers.

I hope you like it! I do!


#31DC2015 - Sweeney Todd inspired Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBases: Formula X for Sephora Platinum PrimeSinfulColors Secret Admirer

Dry brush: Zoya Crystal

Sugar-spin & SplatterSephora by OPI Mr. Right Now


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