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Well, I have something exciting to show you today: my first ever nail art video!

I received a few Starlight collection polishes from Preen.Me and OPI as part of the PreenMeVIP program and they asked that everyone involved submit a couple of videos. I struggled for a good while with this. I really wanted to start making videos but I was still using my phone for photos and I was not too keen to use a borrowed dinosaur of a camera.

I bit the bullet and tried the regular point and shoot but since it did not want to cooperate I fell back on my phone. I lost a lot of quality through uploading and editing but I am really pleased with my first ever video!

I didn’t really expect this to go up on the web so I went with a nice, easy and simple saran-wrap look. After playing around with editing and filming I took the plunge and uploaded to YouTube!

I hope with practice and time my videos are going to get better! I will definitely have a sugar-spun tutorial up soon!



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