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Some products provided for review. All opinions are my own.

Some of you may remember that a few months ago I was all blue-d out. Yes, you read that right: blue-d out. All the looks I made in August were blue except for one and when I went into the 31-Day Challenge in September I was wholly uninspired by the color.

I filtered out it as much as possible to give myself a break and I finally decided to use it again. It was surprisingly easy to stay away from my favorite color. It is not only my go to in clothes and decorations but it is the hue I wear most often on my nails.

I also lay striping to the wayside but mostly because I do not like the technique. When I chose products to review from the Born Pretty Store I was immediately drawn to a striping tape holder. Maybe an actual holder, fashioned after a Scotch Tape dispenser might make the whole process easier!


Born Pretty Store Striping Tape Holder | The Rite of Aging

The striping tape comes out easily but it does not fit snugly into the canister so it constantly moves around inside. This affects the tape placed on the nail and continuously pulls it up. I have to use scissors to cut the tape as the mouth does not have ridges.

All this being said, the tape container keeps the striping tape from rolling back into itself and saves me the hassle of finding the end. I prefer this holder over a basic Scotch Tape one because it is closed, lightweight, and durable.

I expected more from this basic holder but looking at the website it is only advertised as a basic tape holder and that is what it is. As long as the end doesn’t stick back onto the roll I am happy!


Icy Blue Striping Tape Nail Art | The Rite of AgingBase: China Glaze UV Meant to Be

GlitterSinfulColors Ice Dream

Sponged TopGlitter Gal True Blue Aussie

Striping Tape: assorted colors bought from Amazon.com, BPS Striping Tape Holder ($1.59 here)

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