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Vinyls provided for honest review.

I never tried vinyl stencils, even at the height of their popularity. I thought I would be all over them because they had ‘RA-friendly’ written all over them but I always skimmed over the items when I purchased other nail art-related items! I figured at some point I would try them and I finally got my chance to review them for the Born Pretty Store.

This specific set comes with 15 stickers which only comes out to one and a half manicures. Of course, you can make them last by using them as accents; and even longer if you have small nails, like me, and cut them in half.

Unfortunately, I ruined two and a half vinyls while removing them from the plastic backing. They are pretty fragile and when I tried to tear them apart I ripped and twisted them beyond repair. Keep them safe by cutting them apart then removing them from the backing.

I love how these worked. They applied nicely and stuck well but were still removable if I wanted to change their position. I did not experience too much bleeding underneath the stencil and what I did notice was more because of my own inexperience with vinyls. 


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StencilsBorn Pretty Store Irregular Triangle Pattern Vinyl Stencils ($2.00/15 stencils here)


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