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I came across this cute pump container on the Born Pretty Store website one day and was keen to try it for my nail polish remover. Currently, I pour it into a little bowl but the liquid quickly evaporates and I waste a lot of expensive product (hello! Zoya Remover Plus). This bottle looked like it would solve my dilemma and keep a good amount of liquid for easy access without having to constantly refill it!


2-fullbottle_edited-1There are no size specifications on the website but I assume it holds at least two fluid ounces.  The flip lid securely fits over the push-down pump inside so even if the container falls, liquid does not spill. The one feature I appreciate the most is the straw attached to the pump. It reaches the bottom of the bottle so I do not waste product! The entire top screws on and off easily at refill time.


1-zoyabottle_edited-1A full pump releases enough liquid to saturate a cotton swap while four or five pumps wet a cotton ball. It is definitely quicker to soak the cotton ball directly from the remover bottle.



3-foodcoloring_edited-1This container costs $3.00 which makes it a steal. I sometimes notice cheap imitations come with broken springs and unmovable pumps. Even though this pump is a little stiff it is not unusable. I easily use it one-handed which is great while I paint my nails. It is also a lot more convinient to move than my 25 ounce bottle of remover.

Any liquid works so it is not exclusive to nail polish/art. I switch out the nail polish remover with rubbing alcohol, hydrogen peroxide or water to fit my needs.


You can check out the item here and don’t forget to use my 10% off code if you place an order!

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