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Eeek! I finally photographed neons properly…well, more properly, than before. I tested my camera with white polishes and against white backgrounds and went even further with neons. As with most cases, my skin tone came out a little wonky but I was pleased with the polish capture. I don’t know if this is a thing but is it normal for the nails to look fake? It almost looks like I photoshopped neon nails on to my fingers!

I came away with two distinct pictures because the colors blended differently in certain lights. Initially, I wanted to dot over the gradient but it looked so lovely by itself. I’ve worn these nails for almost four days!

I hope you like them too!



2-IMG_0518Base: SinfulColors Whiteboard

Gradient (cuticle to tip): Zoya Pippa, Color Club Wham! Pow!Warhol


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