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Eeek! I finally succeeded in photographing neon nail polish! My skin tone came out a bit wonky but you can’t win it all with these pesky neon colors. I am really very happy with the polish capture, though.

Initially, I wanted to stamp a design on top but this neon gradient just looked so lovely on its own. I finally left well enough alone and I was thrilled. I wore this easy gradient nail art for almost four days with minimal chipping.

Gradients are generally an easy, arthritis-friendly, and pain-friendly nail art technique because there is no perfect way of doing it. That being said, neons are finicky and require a little more time and effort but it is so worth it!

If you are interested in the process I have linked a great tutorial from Ane Li below!



2-IMG_0518Base: SinfulColors Whiteboard (no longer available)

Alternative polish: SinfulColors Snow Me White*

Gradient (cuticle to tip): Zoya Pippa, Color Club Wham! Pow!Warhol


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