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I usually call Sunsilk stupid because she’s not all that smart. But, honestly, she is not stupid; she is very very intelligent. She is better trained than all the other pets put together.


Photo 15Unfortunately for her, she is devoid of common sense. For example, she eats anything she can get her little paws on. I raised my trashcans because she loved going through it at night and bringing me presents. She even eats Affie’s fur after I shave her!


IMG_0272Oh, you may say, “that is not common sense, Monica! That is just a cat being a cat!” Wait…there’s more. Sunsilk also sticks her whiskers in electrical outlets. I am not sure she does this on purpose but whenever she’s near a wall her whiskers make their way into an socket.


But, here’s the real story.

A few years ago, I got home and I called her. She was on the upper level nosing around when she heard me. The upper floor has a balcony that looks over the living area on the main one.


IMG-20120717-00038She excitedly looked through the bars and tried to jump off the balcony to get to me! The stairs were right next to her but no, it made more sense to jump 20 feet!

Thankfully, I managed to distract her while simultaneously running upstairs to grab her so she didn’t fall to her death. And, yes, she would have fallen to her death. Sunsilk is half Abyssinian and was cursed with the too tall back legs which make her rather unbalanced. She knocks over lamps and Christmas trees and sometimes just trips over her own four feet.


IMG_0274But, I guess, I still love her.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.