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Nothing to disclose.

I have been in a fantastical mood recently. Last week, I felt so great after my infusion I climbed Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday. This week, I climbed Tuesday and Wednesday (and hopefully today).

I am not sure why I feel so good this month versus last month. It might have everything to do with being ill. I had a serious sinus infection and as a result I flared up badly. On top of everything else, it was rainy and dreary so I barely got any vitamin D which reduces inflammation in the body.

neonsugarI tend to wear neons more when I am in a good mood. I crave them more when I’m in a bad mood but it was so bad I couldn’t enjoy the bright beauties!!

I had a little extra time and decided to sugar-spin over my favorite neons. The colors are different but the brown glitter really ties them together.

I hope you like it!

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sugarspinneonBasesSinfulColors Whiteboard (white undies), from pinky to index — American Apparel Neon Purple, Color Club Warhol, Wham! Pow!, China Glaze Daisy Know My Name?

Sugar-Spinbutter London Scuppered


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