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I didn’t have my smoosh nails ready for #SmooshyNailSunday because I had a rough weekend. I sat for my Orencia IV infusion on Friday and without thinking went to a movie on Saturday (if you are not familiar with Orencia it is an immuno-suppresant medication). A crowded theater was probably not the best place for me. My friends and I met at the climbing gym, walked to the theater and back. By the end of the night I nearly fell asleep standing up.

I added insult to injury by re-adjusting my sleep schedule. Disney Channel celebrated their 100th original movie by airing all 100 movies, starting this weekend. They were on around the clock and of course, the best ones were between 12 and 4 am. If you are a 90s kid you will appreciate my situation.

The weather was beautiful but I spent it swollen, lethargic and all around low. Of course, this means it’s no better time for an arthritis friendly nails. The smoosh nail art technique is simple, easy and quick and a go to for me when my Rheumatoid Arthritis is flared up.

I hope you like my yellow and grey look. I added clock water decals because this weekend marked my longest reaction to Orencia, to date.


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Smoosh: ziploc baggie, stamper, Zoya PippaOPI No More Mr. Night Sky, Pipe Dream Polish Sonic Transducer

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Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.