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This summer, I snagged a science camp job at my old elementary school. I had a blast! I forgot how much I loved working full-time, waking up early, and going in for the same job every day.

But, while I looked forward to each session (four in total over seven weeks) I barely made it out unscathed. I was a total wreck by day’s end. If I wasn’t a full on zombie from fatigue and pain I was totally disabled.

I tried to sit or “rest” as often as I could but camp was not only teaching science. The day was a hodgepodge of walking to and from recess across campus, transitioning students to their afternoon camp and depositing them in aftercare at the end of the day. Of course, my co-teacher and I swapped responsibilities daily but with an active form of Rheumatoid Arthritis, I still found this work load difficult.

The age range of students was rising Kindergarten all the way to rising 4th grade. The younger kids definitely needed help with some activities. I continuously moved about, lifted materials and helped with finer motor activities. I took part in games and walked around recess to keep an eye on my group.

I came in early and left late. I set up and scrubbed down the classroom every day. If this were an all-year thing I definitely could not keep up, no matter how much I willed myself. But, given that it was seven weeks, I muscled through.

I froze my climbing membership (no way I could drag myself up the wall after work or even on the weekends) and I declined all social engagements. This was a major bummer as summer was my favorite season and the only few months of the year I enjoyed going out. More time for nail art and blogging then! Nope. I was so spent by the end of the day I could barely use dinner utensils let alone maneuver a polish brush.

In the end, was it all worth the long hours, the lost sunny days of summer? Oh yes! I think so. Even though I spent a bulk of the summer in a perpetual painful flare-up I enjoyed every minute I was at work.


And, for your enjoyment, I have some summer-y pink lemonade nails to share with this post! I hope you like them!



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