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Some items provided for honest review.

I completely fell behind reviewing products this summer because of my summer camp job. I was just too exhausted to paint my nails let alone try and maneuver new products. Back in May, new to me brand, Nicole Diary, contacted me about trying some water decals and I jumped at the chance. You all know how much I adore water decals. They are quick and easy nail art which are perfect when I don’t have time or am too tired to do my nails.


I also played around with coloring the designs in with watercolors since I’ve been on a huge coloring stint lately. On paper, I use everything from pens to pencils and gel pens (throwback to the 90s!). It was fun to do my nails in the same way but took a lot of patience and a steady hand. Regardless, I am definitely pleased with how well these came out and think they are worth the extra time.



I couldn’t leave well enough alone and added some Born Pretty Store nail sticker/vinyls. I waited a full day to add these since I didn’t want to ruin/bring up the base color.


The water decals are typical, run of the mill and easy to use. After submerging them for about 20 seconds in cool water they slid off the backing paper smoothly. Over at Amazon.com and Aliexpress.com Nicole Diary has a wide selection of cute designs.

While I am personally not the biggest fan of the nail stickers this is more a personal choice than an issue with the actual product. I prefer easy, quick nail art options (like water decals) instead of waiting a full day to apply vinyls. Yes, I could have waited a couple of hours but a) I didn’t want to and b) it didn’t seem like enough time! While in theory the circles are extremely cute they would work better on larger bigger nails as to capture more of the design. On my short nails, I did not get enough circles and got too much negative space.

You be the judge, though!


withvinylsBases: China Glaze UV Meant to Be, Formula X Nails White Matter

Decals: Nicole Diary (linked here – design 08)

Vinyls: Born Pretty Store ($1.79 here)


What do you think? I hope you like these as much as I do!


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