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foilsThe 31-Day Challenge starts tomorrow and I had this marvelous idea to use these new foil stickers (linked here) for the first prompt. If you are familiar with the 31-Day Challenge you know you do one look a day and generally don’t have time for multiple ones. So, it was my luck (and maybe good sense) that I tried out these stickers beforehand because there is no way I could put them on Instagram! They did not work well or look cute on my nails.


review3Now, due consideration, these foils are supposed to be used with gel polishes (so the stickers cure and set under the UV lights) but they are certainly not interchangeable with traditional lacquers.


review1They are not stretchy like traditional water decals from Born Pretty Store and do not bend nicely over the “c curve” of the nail. Furthermore, they do not disintegrate with acetone so I have to cut them perfectly to match my nail size and there is no wiggle room for clean up. The foils crumble and bunch at the tip so they peel off relatively quickly and top coat does not extend their longevity in the slightest. Thankfully, even though I cannot remove them traditionally (with nail polish remover) they peel off nicely and evenly.


review2I do not use gel polish so I will probably never use these again which is a shame because the designs are super cute!


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