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Simple Purple Nails with Born Pretty Store stamping plate with Pahlish and Zoya Nail Polishes | Monica with RAThe day after I wrote my previous blog post I managed to nap except, not really. I remained semi-conscious during the entire thing. Though I think I was asleep, too, because if I was awake then I would be more cognizant of time, right? What I mean was that while I was conscious I was trying to sleep but I was not necessarily lying there ticking away the minutes. It was a weird feeling, blatantly aware I was napping and actually doing it, both at the same time.

I can’t say I didn’t rest, though. While I didn’t feel energized afterward, I didn’t wake up groggy like I usually do. Weird feelings.

I experienced these episodes another couple of days but since yesterday, I’ve completely zonked out during my daily naps. I am not sure what changed. Maybe I was tired enough now that I’m napping later in the day. Maybe, there was too much going on in my head to properly power down before. Whatever the reason, I’m finally back on track. Now, I just have to tackle the fatigue that grows with every day.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.

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