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When I am not feeling well, my cats, Marmalade and Sunsilk, keep close eyes on me. Sunsilk, in particular, has attached herself to me like a barnacle on the underside of a ship. As I was going through my nail polish stash I realized I have two great nail colors that would totally capture her.

I used two coats of butter London “Scuppered” as my base color. The formula on this is absolutely heavenly. I can paint three stripes on each nail without streaking, pooling, or general messiness. Unlike the company’s other glitters, this polish is very sheer. It may be that the glitter is not densely packed. There is small green and pink glitter, a gold shimmer and larger circular green glitter flecks.

butter London “Scuppered”

Everything down to the glitter itself reminds me of Sunsilk. The gold color in her fur, the pink of her nose and the green is exactly the color of her eyes. And when I realized I had a dark brown the exact same color as hers I was so pleased.

For the stamping, I used SpaRitual “Howl” and Bundle Monsters plate “BM-319”.

SpaRitual “Howl” over butter London “Scuppered”

I don’t know whether it is a random quirk but whenever Sunsilk refuses to listen to me, her tail forms a question mark. She is an intelligent cat who plays dumb and pretends that she does not understand what I am saying. She is very sly but without her I do not know how I could manage everything that is happening.

Hi, I’m Monica and I have RA.