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After my last post I had circles on the brain.

Since June 2011 (when I was diagnosed) I have noticed certain patterns: In June, I laugh at the sheer ridiculousness of how my life has turned out; in August, my mood drops; in November, I worry about how my body will react to the weather and if I will get sick; February is always an awful month; between April and June, I am the happiest. 

When I worked two jobs I drove in a circle. I started at home, I drove to the first job, took the road that connected both jobs, and then I took the highway back home in the evening. A diamond without the sharp edges. 

It is unfortunate that my health is tied to my father’s but that is how life is. As Newton’s Third Law of Motion states: For every action there is an equal and opposite reaction.

Urban Outfitters “Blue Velvet” over Milani “Peacock”

I apologize for my sloppy stamping, I am still practicing getting the polish onto the rubber stamper.

For this nail art, I applied two coats of Milani “Peacock”. This has a fantastic formula for a pastel blue creme. It is not goopy or runny and has the right consistency for an even, thin layer. It dries quickly which is always a plus.

I used a bobby pin to apply dots of Milani High Speed Fast Dry “Quick Teal” and OPI “Red Lights Ahead…Where?”.

I used Bundle Monster’s plate “322” and Urban Outfitters “Blue Velvet”. This was such an impulse buy. I was itching to buy a new nail polish and I was standing in line at the Urban Outfitters check out. For four dollars I thought ‘why not buy one?’.  Honestly, I did not expect to like this polish. I mean, most times you get what you pay for! This polish is absolutely amazing. The polish is on the thinner side. That is my personal preference. It is easier to apply even coats and I do not need as steady a hand. By itself it is absolutely electric. I am not a huge blue fan for my nails but I really love this color.

Urban Outfitters “Blue Velvet”

Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.