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This post is super late. I had done one on time with this awesome water marble, but the sugar spun ended up looking muddy and the colors just looked disgusting. So, I re-did it a couple of days later without the sugar-spin but I couldn’t take pictures until this morning. There is a little tip wear so apologies in advance! Also, sorry for the pretty poor photo quality…I cannot photograph whites to save my life….I still need to play with the settings on my camera 😦


I hope you like it!


Mergh…I’m sorry I don’t quite remember all the polishes I used…If you want to know please comment and I’ll find out. Ergh, I am sorry…the cold weather is finally getting to me…I am so out of it right now.

Oh, and I stamped with Konad and some new plates from the MoYou London Festive collection.


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