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I am still down with the hip flare and am using a combination of a cane and  walker to get around. Last Wednesday I went climbing but I felt really good afterwards. My current flare did not start until mid-Friday so I don’t know if they are related but I cannot see any other correlation!

Unfortunately, I was supposed to clean my room and bathroom this weekend but could barely get out of bed without assistance. A cluttered room does not usually bother me but when I am sick it gets on my last nerve. I just can’t stand laying in a disorganized environment when I cannot do anything about it. Do you feel like cleaning more when you’re ill, too?

Sometimes, if I do not have the luxury of a full clean I lightly tidy. During a bad flare I am unable to move very much so I incorporate a little re-organization when I do get up. It only takes a couple of extra minutes to put little things away and I feel a whole lot better! Of course, this is not the time to do any heavy lifting, like vacuuming, but a little dusting goes a long way! If I have to get up to go to the bathroom or get something to eat I might as well do a little housework as well. I feel like I am actually getting something done without tacking on extra movement.


I wanted something quick and easy for today’s nail art. The ombre style is very RA-friendly and a no-hassle way to include multiple colors! I hope you like my slightly embellished ombre look!


Blue Stamping Ombre | The Rite of AgingBases (from index to pinky nail):

Glitter Gal Bluemerang

China Glaze UV Meant to Be

Pop Beauty Pacific Hoot

Anise Neon – Make Waves

I stamped with Pueen Cosmetics plate PUEEN 76 and Konad Special Polish White.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.