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Item(s) provided for review. All opinions are my own.

After a relatively negative review of the fan brush (linked here) I am pleased to report a positive experience with the latest stamping plate. When I saw all the kitties on the Born Pretty Store website, I had to have them because nothing is better than cats.


plate BP-59_0001

This is a round stamping plate with 7 individual images and one full-nail one. The backing is the typical BPS logo and web address.

plate BP-59_0002


A new and welcome addition to these round plates is the protective sleeve (similar to the MoYou London covers; except, I do not know if the large rectangular ones from BPS come with their own). Funny story, the plate fell out of the sleeve during transit and the cover was bent upon arrival. Good news, the plate was untouched and in great condition.

I textbook-pressed the sleeve back into shape so I could use it. It was really quite cute!

plate BP-59_0003plate BP-59_0004


Kitty Stamping Plate Nail Art | The Rite of Aging

1-DSCF4180_fotorHonestly, I do not have too much to say on this plate except that the images are so ridiculously cute. The quality of the images and stamping are consistent with past plates I’ve tried. BPS has really upped their stamping game!


This plate retails for $2.99 and if you’re interested in purchasing it or other nail products from the website, feel free to use my 10% off code below!

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