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Items provided for review. Opinions remain my own.

In one of the summer camp classes we learned about butterflies and how they are a huge component of flower pollination. So, for today’s theme I stamped a butterfly traveling from flower to flower! I hope you like it!

This was the perfect time to try these Born Pretty Store Fimo Cane sticks. The pack came with three cute flower designs I knew I could use for today’s prompt!

I was a little nervous about these just because I was unsure how easily I could through cut them. However, I quickly gave them the RA-friendly stamp of approval! I sliced them nicely with a knife and they attached wonderfully with normal top coat application. The “stickers’ didn’t budge once dry and even though I didn’t go through too much wear they took on the usual hitting against desks, shirt changes and general finger bustle. With careful removal they are re-usable, too!

Born Pretty Store Fimo Stick Nail Art Review

BaseZoya Pippa

Butterfly and TrailWet n Wild Black CremeBundle Monster plate BM 303

Fimo FlowersBorn Pretty Store 12 Colors/Box Mini Flower Fimo Decorations

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