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Instagram has created a TUMBLER MONSTER. After the duochrome tumbler went viral on social media I became curious of the others…and I bought the sunset gradient one. Now, every few weeks, I stalk the website for new additions to the cold and warm drinkware pages.

Alright, so maybe this isn’t new. When I started traveling after college I wanted to collect something to remember my trip. The question was what? Postcards and stamps are cute but ultimately useless. Who is going to want to use either for their proposed purposes since they mail right out of your possession, completely nullifying adding them to your collection in the first place!

When I was little I used to collect little jars of sand from the places my family visited…once again though, cool but impractical.

I dug a little deeper. What could I stockpile that I could use? What do I love more than anything in the world? Coffee. Then it hit me. I drink coffee, hot tea and cocoa almost every day and what do I drink them in?? COFFEE CUPS. Not only can I drink from mugs but I can use them as holders of well, stuff! Literally all my shelves have one or two mugs, some hold my keys, others markers, and some I use to collect pistachio shells (heh!)

Now, back to the point…one afternoon while scrolling through the Starbucks website when I saw the new dog doodle tumbler! No contest. No question. I needed it. I mean, I am pre-freaking-vet and I love dogs. No hesitation. No buyer’s remorse for breaking my no-buy.

When you know you have to have something. You just know. Am I right?


For today’s prompt, I hit a little block. I knew which #mydrink I would use…but I did not know what #mynails I would do. I usually fill my cold drink tumblers with iced tea or water and take them in the car so I considered an Arnold Palmer gradient. However, I was just about to hit the treadmill and didn’t want to sip on iced tea during my workout. Since water is clear it opened up almost every nail art and I decided to pull from the green tennis ball…Hope you like it!


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