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Items were provided for honest review.

I am so excited to share with you a partial review of the new SinfulColors A Class Act collection. I will split it up into two posts with five polishes each.

A Class Act hits the shelves of Walgreens and Rite Aid in August. The full collection has 27 polishes ranging from cremes to glitters and demi-mattes. I picked some in each finish to get a good idea of the collection as a whole. So, let’s dive right in, shall we?

*Two of the shades in this review are Walgreens exclusives and will be marked with an asterisk. Are they worth tracking down? Find out!


Why Not – 2 coats, top coat

Sinful Colors - Why Not | The Rite of AgingWhy Not is a deep sky blue creme. It has an average formula and applies easily. It does not pool into the cuticles so it is easier to push the color closer to them and it self-levels nicely. It is a fun polish to wear until it is time to take it off. Why Not is a major stainer; a worse than normal type of stainer! I would suggest two different base coats and removing this polish before bed! Honestly, that is a lot of hard work for a typical sky blue but this is a really great polish which I know I will wear a lot!


Feel the Vibe – 3 coats, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Feel the Vibe | The Rite of AgingI expected a neon tangerine but Feel the Vibe is more of a muted tangerine orange leaning red. In some lighting it does glow like a neon which is definitely nice! I feel like I have a perpetual tan when wearing this! It self-levels nicely and the consistency is similar to Why Not, if not a little thinner. I can get away with two coats but for the sake of pictures I play it safe with three.


Hazed – 2 coats, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Hazed | The Rite of AgingHazed is a muted violet and one of the collection’s demi-matte polishes. It dries to an almost wax finish. If you are familiar with Cult Nails Wax That top coat the look is identical. This is a difficult polish. It is streaky and thin and it takes four coats to reach full opacity. It’s a nice enough color, nothing special and appears more muddy than muted. Given the formula it is a definite miss for me. However, its one redeeming quality is once dry I cannot see brush strokes which is very rare for a demi-matte polish!


*Whiteboard – 2 coats, no topcoat

SinfulColors Swatch - Whiteboard | The Rite of AgingWhiteboard is another of the demi-matte polishes in this collection. It is pure white and it is AMAZING. Seriously. I went in with this polish with skepticism mixed with high hopes. You may have noticed Snow Me White is one of my favorite and most used polishes. I wanted Whiteboard to perform like Snow Me White but was cautious since it is very difficult to find a good (read: not awful) white. I am not kidding when I say this polish is amazing. The formula is thin for a white but it does not pool into the cuticles. It shows minor streaks after it dries but they are nearly undetectable from far away! Because of its demi-matte finish I know it will be perfect as an acrylic paints base. This polish is the front-running gem in the collection.


 Ice Dream – 1 generous coat, top coat

SinfulColors Swatch - Ice Dream | The Rite of Aging

Ice Dream is a awesome blue and silver glitter topper. The light blue hexagonal glitters are nearly identical in color to Why Not and are suspended in a silver micro glitter base. This has a great formula. It is thicker than the other polishes but applies smoothly and levels nicely. It is slight gritty but easily smooths out with top coat.


Stay tuned for the next five polishes and my final thoughts! And, if I’ve peaked your interest check out the SinfulColors social media pages:

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