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During this challenge I had to go through my nail polish spreadsheet to look up names and brands but since the beginning I knew I’d use Chanel’s Vibrato for the V prompt.

This blue is just as saturated and bright in real life and it makes me so happy! I was on a strict no-buy when this shade came out in Fall 2015 but I had to break it. I bought this and Fortissimo (both part of the Les Bleu de Chanel collection) and I’m so glad I did. No regrets because Chanel does blue beauty so well!

I hope you like my striping tape and gradient look. I still hate striping tape. Next time, I’m free handing that V or X (whatever you choose to see)!


Les Bleu de Chanel Gradient | The Rite of AgingBase: Chanel Vibrato (blue), Formula X Nails Platinum Prime (silver)

Gradient: + Chanel Fortissimo


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