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I got my new Mundo de Unas stamping polishes in the mail and wanted to try out the blue so I built the color palette around that one polish. That falls under “inspired by a color”, right?

I wanted to water-marble again and I was so happy I did! It looked like a true water marble! Now, if I could only get them in the same direction!

The type of polishes I use really make a difference. I know Sammy from the Nailasaurus typically uses Barry M polishes so I gave mine a try. Wow. They work so well! True marbling is not as RA-friendly as messy marbling since it requires more precision. I only did my middle and ring nails because my fingers and wrists are flared.

I hope you like it!


31DC2014 - September 21: Inspired by a Color | The Rite of Aging…EarlyI used 3 coats of American Apparel Parakeet as my base.

I marbled with Orly BonderBarry M GNP 14/Key LimeMNP 10/Cancun, and Pop Beauty Pacific Hoot (unfortunately, Pacific Hoot got kind of eaten up when I made the rings). I sealed the designs with Seche Vite before applying a generous coat of INM Northern Lights (Silver).

I stamped with MoYou London plate 04 from the Princess collection and Mundo de Unas stamping polish 4/Blue.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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