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I am in the worst mood ever today. Our furnace and humidifier broke so the main and basement levels are frigidly cold and dry. This means cold joints which in turn equals angry joints. In just one day I am in massive amounts of pain and nearly immobile without great effort. It feels worse with my skin tight and dry stretched over top.

This morning my car battery died and I had to purchase a new one. On top of everything else, the light I use for blog photos is acting up so my photo quality sucks. Not to mention, my swollen fingers are more than a little noticeable in said photos.

I considered not posting these pictures or even taking part in the challenges for the next couple of days since I feel so rotten but because of the flare I cannot climb and I am just really annoyed and down and nail art always makes me feel better…


I was inspired today by one of The Nailasaurus’ designs. I actually put it in my December favorites post, linked (here).  It was a coincidence I used purple polishes as I really wanted to use the Chanel polish since it makes me happy. Sammy’s manicure reminded me simple is sometimes better. This is perfect for me as I tend to add and add and add until the design becomes too busy.

Even though the photo quality is pretty bad and you can’t really see the colors properly I hope you like the design for today’s A-Z prompt. The picture is a little smaller as it is a little more forgiving. Please hang in there with me for a couple of days until I can get everything sorted (including my mood!)


A2Z Series: I is for Inspired | The Rite of AgingI started with one coat of Chanel Taboo and three coats of Pahlish Mind Like a Diamond as my base.

I stamped with the same Chanel polish and Pueen Cosmetics plate PUEEN35  from the Love Elements collection.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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