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I debated whether to include this manicure in Saachi’s tribute post but then decided to keep it separate. The tribute itself is already very long and this way I can create multiple manicures. This also fufills the U is Unusual prompt for the A to Z  Series.


What is Hemangiosarcoma? It is blood vessel cancer that presents in dogs and cats. It is not rare but it is aggressive. It is arguably the most aggressive cancer found in animals. Typically, it first appears in the spleen or liver then metastasizes to the lungs, heart, and brain (anywhere, really, that circulates blood).


Doxorubicin has the most research and highest success rate out of all the chemotherapies. It does not stop the spread of the disease but slows it down. Unfortunately, that’s where the research ends. There are a couple of other chemo options but there is not a lot of successful research backing it. When we found out the Doxorubicin did not work, we stopped all chemotherapy. The cancer was so advanced, in our gut, we knew nothing would work. Maybe it would extend Saachi’s life for a couple of weeks…if that…and pumping her body full of toxins for an extra two weeks did not scream a great quality of life.


Cancer is basically an autoimmune. Cells constantly multiply and sometimes they mutate. These damaged cells suck resources from the healthy ones. They form from each dog’s genetics, they differ from dog to dog. Saachi’s cancer did not respond to Doxorubicin. We don’t know why. In animals, there is still no way to study the genetic markers and pinpoint which are resilient to which medications…

The manicure I created includes blood splatters, a subtle red dotticure, and stamped DNA strands. I hope you like it!


Hemangiosarcoma Awareness Nail Art | The Rite of Aging


Hemangiosarcoma Awareness Nail Art | The Rite of AgingI used Wet n Wild Black Creme and Color Club On the Rocks as my base.

I detailed with Sephora by OPI Mr. Right Now, Sinful Colors Secret Admirer and Barry M Chili.

I stamped with MoYou London plate 03 from the Scholar Collection.


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.


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