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Did You Know?

It was first believed exercise would exacerbate and quicken the progression of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Now, it is proven light exercise helps protects the joints and keeps the muscles from atrophying.


I am not going to lie. The most annoying comment I hear, from doctors to friends, is “exercise!”. It really is not as simple as that. I know exercise lessens my symptoms (I feel more limber and alert), however, sometimes activity worsens them. If you’ve followed my blog for a while, you may remember blog posts here and there about my grievances about climbing and RA. It is such a fine line for me. I have to be very careful. I rarely climb for more than a couple of hours, I do not push myself and the minute I feel a “twinge” I stop. If I’ve done grocery shopping or done any housework I do not climb; even with a lengthy nap in between activities, it is way too much for me to handle.


But…now onto the nail art! I like using an eyeshadow sponge tip applicator with similar colors. It is more RA-friendly than using a makeup sponge and the uneven lines are masked better.

Why, oh why do I not use this flakie more??? This gorgeous topper was actually at the back of my cabinet! I managed o get my hands on it before the shade was discontinued. (Hah, maybe that’s why! Do you ever feel guilty using polishes you know you can no longer get? I especially feel that way about the old Milani polishes!) However, I do really like how this look came out. It reminds me of those fun thermal bath toys that would change from pink to purple when placed in warm water!

I hope you like it! (I completely forgot to take a sunlight picture so I had to settle for my usual indoor lighting)


Purple-Pink Sponge Gradient | The Rite of AgingI started with China Glaze Violet Vibes and Barry M Plum as my base.

I used generous coats of Nfu Oh Nfu 51 on the accent nails and sponged it on the tips of my index and pinky nails.

I stamped with Mundo de Unas Neon Pink and Pueen Cosmetics plate PUEEN 85. I usually stamp my right hand first then move to my dominant left. As I worked with MdU formula more it became more opaque. I am still learning this specialty polish but I like the gradient effect!


Hi, my name is Monica and I have RA.